We are very grateful to our members as through them we able to publish booklets on various topics. We also have to pay for renting the Chapel Museum, for hall hire and occasionally for speakers, which is why we are always grateful for donations from non-members at our monthly talks.

When you give us your contact information, such as your email address, we will, in accordance with our Data Protection Policy, use it only to contact you about events of the group and about your membership.  If you don’t want to receive our communications any more , please let Lyn know on her contact details below.

The cost of single membership of the Milborne Port Heritage and History Group this year will be £16 but only £20 for joint membership. We have a few activities organised for this coming year, including a visit to the gardens at Ven House.  As a member, you would have the opportunity to buy tickets for these events ahead of non-members on a ‘first come, first served’  basis, so there are real advantages to becoming a member! Where our Church House talks are concerned, we have also decided that we will be increasing the admission donation to non-members to £5 and a suggested contribution of £2 from members.  Obviously our expenses have increased and as we can now claim Gift Aid, the committee felt that this is the best way forward.  Membership subscriptions are not eligible for Gift Aid.

If you wish to join, and we do hope that you do, please e-mail or call Lyn Harrison for information on how to become a member: 01963 251549