Past Talks and Events

2021 – So Far

Salisbury Cathedral Tower Guide and our group’s Chairman, Harold Clarke, presented the October talk ‘History of Salisbury Cathedral in Five Objects’.  He took us from the original cathedral in Sherborne, to to its relocation in Old Sarum to its present site in Salisbury (New Sarum).  He drew a vivid picture of the life and work of the mediaeval stone masons who erected the building in the space of a record 38 years; he described the later, misguided ‘improvements’ and the cathedral’s connection to the Magna Carta.  His explanation of the Golden Ratio and its connection to Fibonacci’s rabbits was particularly intriguing!

Our September speaker was Tim Medhurst, a regular on the BBC’s Antiques Road Trip. He told us how his love of antiques developed and shared with us some of his favourite treasures. Several people brought items along which Tim appraised and we all learned something new!

Our August talk was given by the ever-popular Richard Duckworth; he gave us a wonderful view of Milborne Port through pictures and film over the past 150 years.

After the Covid lockdown ended in July, Jim Hart gave our first talk of the year on the subject of local parish boundaries. This was a fascinating presentation and provoked lively discussion at the end of the meeting.

Some Previous Talks

We were treated to a fascinating talk on the English Civil War in Dorset by Richard Warren, retired History teacher from Sherborne Boys’ School Richard not only covered Dorset’s experience during the Civil War, he also encouraged us to see the Cerne Giant and its origins in a totally different light!

Hugh Vincent, our local metal detectorist, organised another brain-teaser of a quiz to test our understanding of his local finds. One of our committee members, James Roberts, came out on top and impressed us all with his knowledge.

Jeremy Barker gave a fascinating talk on Sir James Thornhill of Thornhill Park near Stalbridge. Sir James was clearly a very talented man and hopefully Jeremy will be able to organise a visit for our members to Thornhill Park in the future.

A pleasant Summer event was had by one and all at the ‘Evening at the Museum’. It was great to just look at some of the exhibits, have a chat and a glass of Pimm’s with friends.

Loyalty, Dignity and Hope was the title of our ‘in house’ presentation by Lesley Wray, Janet Mathews, Mary Clothier, Nathalie Hetherington and Lyn Harrison; they provided an entertaining talk with many interesting facts and photographs of local Suffragettes and Suffragists, illustrating how these fitted in with the national picture. Click here to download a copy of the presentation material.

Richard Duckworth provided a fascinating and informative talk on West country steam trains and the railway along with slides, film clips and a wonderful complimentary audio accompaniment, including some wonderful footage of steam trains passing through Milborne Port and Sherborne stations. 

This was a fund-raising event for us and we were able to raise over £240 to provide new and more professional signage for the Museum.

John Fanning and Lesley Wray gave us a sunny summer evening guided tour of St. John’s Church and we learnt new and interesting facts about the building, both inside and out.