Notable Buildings and Spaces

(This page is currently being developed)

Barrow at Milborne Wick  

Church of St John the Evangelist

Church School (now The Clockspire)

Brecon House, North Street

The Guildhall, High Street (lower part now used by Wayne Pullen, butcher)

The Methodist Chapel (now flats), Coldharbour

Dyke’s Factory (now Southill Vets), North Street

Cross House, North Street

The Old Mill, Lower Kingsbury

Greystones, Lower Kingsbury


Ven House, London Road

Medieval Church House (14-17 High Street): In 2018, the Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group researched the origins of this row of cottages on the High Street and made a fascinating discovery – that this terrace of cottages was once the late medieval church house of Milborne Port . These cottages are therefore amongst the most significant buildings in our village. To see a copy of the report of their findings, which formed the basis of the group’s excellent presentation to members of our History and Heritage Group, click here. We are so grateful to the Vernacular Building Research Group for their hard work and huge enthusiasm, and for their gift to our village of this knowledge.

Ball Court, High Street