Notable Buildings and Spaces

Barrow at Milborne Wick  

The Cemetery at Wheathill Lane
For a guide to the Cemetery and to notable graves, click here.

The Congregational Chapel, also known as the Presbyterian Chapel, Old or Independent Meeting House and United Reformed Church, is now The English Organ School and Museum. Click here to read about its rich history dating back to 1662! Lots of great pictures too.

Just outside the parish of Milborne Port on the A30 towards Sherborne is the diminutive St Cuthbert’s Old Chancel; follow this link to find out all about it!

The Guildhall, High Street (lower part now used by Wayne Pullen, butcher)
Look at the wonderful drawing (bottom) from the early 1800s of the area where the old Market Cross used to be; you can see The King’s Head pub (now The Tippling Philosopher) on the right and the Guildhall on the left in the foreground. A bit of artistic licence has been taken with the position of the base of the Market Cross (now at The Clump at the junction with Bathwell Lane and thought to date from the 13th century, Grade II listed). The photos of the door/doorway of the Guildhall (also Grade II listed) and of the street will help you to compare the area with what it looks like now, and get a sense of the true perspective!

The Methodist Chapel (now flats), Coldharbour
For a potted history of the Methodist Chapel and Methodism in the village from the late 1800s, click here. In 1960, Reverend Frank Chamberlain published ‘a short survey’ which he entitled ‘A Chronological History – with Anecdotes of Milborne Port Methodist Church’ which offers a fascinating account of the development of what was clearly a tight-knit community of chapel-goers. The links to all of the pages of the booklet are accessible here. Many thanks to Chris Topp who provided a copy. Harry W Brown also writes about the chapel in his 1941 ‘Gi’e ‘s a ‘dip’; click here to see his observations.

The Pound: Click here to read about the animal pound in Lower Kingsbury.

The Town Hall/Market House: This is an extremely interesting building, originally the Market House. Click here to find the Powerpoint used at our History Day in May 2024. Also, there is an account of the rather significant event that took place at the Market House in October 1770, the impact of which can be seen in legal cases today! Click here to find out more!

Ven House, London Road: To see material documenting some of the history and architecture of Ven House, click here.

Medieval Church House (14-17 High Street): In 2018, the Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group researched the origins of this row of cottages on the High Street and made a fascinating discovery – that this terrace of cottages was once the late medieval church house of Milborne Port . These cottages are therefore amongst the most significant buildings in our village. To see a copy of the report of their findings, which formed the basis of the group’s excellent presentation to members of our History and Heritage Group, click here. We are so grateful to the Vernacular Building Research Group for their hard work and huge enthusiasm, and for their gift to our village of this knowledge.