What’s On

If you have a specific interest you would like us to investigate we would love to hear from you so please do get in touch with us at mphhgroup@gmail.com 

The programme of guided summer walks will hopefully be starting again in the summer and will be advertised here, in the local magazines and with posters around the village; many thanks to those of you who have supported these and made donations to support the activities of the group.


Please note that all of our 2020 events have been postponed for the present but we will await government advice as to when they can be re-instated.

Hopefully we will be able to have this talk in 2021

‘Boundaries Ancient & Modern – In and Around Milborne Port’ by Jim Hart

More details to follow.  As usual 7.30 pm, Church House, Bathwell Lane, Milborne Port

We will be publishing our 2021 programme of walks soon and will appear here.

Oral History

We are currently compiling an oral history of the village and already have several villagers who are prepared to participate in this very important work.

Several of the interviews will be playing at the Chapel Museum open afternoons.

We feel that if we don’t record memories now they will be lost and this shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

So, if you feel that you would like to take part in this please contact either me, Lyn Harrison on mphhgroup@gmail.com, 01963 251 549,  Lesley Wray on  lesmik71@gmail.com , 01963 250 910 or Nathalie Hetherington, via the group email, mphhgroup@gmail.com , and we will be only too happy to give you details of how we intend to gather the information.

Mission Hall / Mission Room

The Mission Hall is situated on Combe Hill at the edge of Newtown and the earlier Mission Room which built next to the Pump House on the east end of Newtown and one of our committee members, Nathalie Hetherington, is currently researching the history of the Mission Hall and Mission Room.

The current owner and the Vicar have provided a lot of information but she is hoping that some of you may know some interesting facts about these two buildings.

In particular, she is looking for answers to these questions:

  • When was the Mission Room built?
  • When was the Mission Room demolished?  It was possibly after 1919 because it appears on the Newtown auction map from that year.
  • The new Mission Hall was built in around 1894 so was there a period of time when the Mission Room was in disuse?
  • What happened to the Mission Hall bell?  It had been commissioned to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee but might have been melted down for one of the war efforts!
  • The Mission Room was sold privately in 1958 but was it hired out for any village activities after that?

Nathalie can be contacted via the History Group email, mphhgroup@gmail.com and any information that you have will be of great interest so please get in touch!

Many thanks from Nathalie in advance of any information provided!